A Gender-Neutral Nursery: Green and Cream Color Palette

When it comes to decorating a nursery, there are no hard and fast rules. But if you're looking for a gender-neutral space that stands out from the typical beige and browns, then a green and cream color palette might be for you and your little one.
The color green is a classic choice for a nursery, as it is both calming and inviting. And when paired with cream, it creates a soft and neutral palette that is perfect for a welcoming nursery fit to welcome your boy.. or girl? 
Start with a neutral base.
The walls, furniture, and flooring/rug choice should be in a light, neutral color like cream or white. Adding some molding to the wall can elevate the space creating an even more classic look. 
Lowe's Has a great easy DIY kit you can use to complete this look: Luxe Architectural Self-Adhering Nine Piece Wall Moulding Kit, Finished/Primed
DIY Nursery Wall Molding
Cream nursery paint color

Dover White is a warm white paint color that is often described as creamy or buttery. It has an LRV of 82.2, which means that it reflects a lot of light and appears bright in most rooms. However, the yellow undertones in Dover White can make it look slightly warmer in rooms with less natural light.
A dear friend of mine and talented artist, Sadie Wilson, has this gorgeous landscape piece titled "Adventure Time"-- perfect for your baby boy or girl on the way. 
16x16x1.5” gold leaf framed marsh
Sadie Wilson Landscape Art
The Jenny Lind Maple Wood Spindle Crib from Crate and Barrel is a classic and timeless crib that would be perfect for a green and cream nursery.
traditional crib
Bedding: The Crosby Green Crib Sheet from The Socialite is a beautiful and gender-neutral bedding option that would look great in a green and cream nursery
Blockprint not your thing? We have a variety of green crib sheets and baby items  HERE
Curtains: The Crosby Print in Green Fabric by The Socialite is a great way to add a pop of color to a green and cream nursery.
Sew them yourself for a DIY project or contact your local seamstress/draping company. If you do not have a resource for sewing, email us at for a custom drapery quote.
Nothing says classic nursery like an embroidered monogram pillow for the crib or rocker!
With a little planning, you can create an inviting and timeless space to bring your baby girl or boy into your home!

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