French Country meets Southern traditonal Bedroom

The Elegance of "French Country" (never to be confused with "shabby chic"..) makes a Grandmillenial squeal with excitement. Kathy Kuo from Kathy Kuo Home said it best in her blog, "What is the secret ingredient that makes the French Country bedroom so inviting? The charm. Accenting your bedroom with a selection of vintage French Country decor–like an antique French Country bed–breathes life into your space and really makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the French countryside. How to modernize this concept? Choose vintage finds you love that are timeless and chic instead of pieces that “look French Country.” (Kathy Kuo Home)
One Kings Lane, has a beautiful collection of items in their vintage collection which is where we found the gorgeous  Chinese Floral Painting by Hui Chi Mau featured in this bedroom inspiration. 
We always favor a little color in our spaces, so a little pop of our Mousse green is perfect way to bring color into the mix. We are loving this tone of green for the fall and winter season. As always, a touch of pattern on the walls never hurt anyone. The beauty of our peel and stick wallpaper is whenever you want to change things up, the process is easy to remove and replace!


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